About KO Sports Arena


Since the inception of our Knockout Sports Arena (KOSA) brand , it was with a singular philosophy that drove every aspect of our creation: Our philosophy of the fighter. We all come into this world with nothing but two empty hands. Some will look at those hands and see failure; others will see opportunity, clench those empty hands into fists, and Knockout adversity. .…. Those are the fighters; those are the champions….

Here at KOSA we believe that everyone is a fighter in the fight of their lives, everyday. And whether celebrating victory, or surviving defeat, every fighter needs a corner. Our singular goal at KOSA, is to give our everyday fighters that corner to rest in . Our philosophy, coupled with an innovative venue of live entertainment that the professional fighting world has never seen before ,and with customer service surpassing all industry standards, we are proud to present the world’s very first, Knockout Sports Arena.


Let us treat you like a Champion! At KOSA ,enjoy a state of the art , never seen before experience, in the world of professional fighting and live entertainment. Sit back and watch your favorite sporting events on over 50 Led screens, and our jumbo stadium screen ,centrally located in the Championship Rotunda of our sprawling , breathtaking arena. Enjoy live fighting or music events , while indulging in our proprietary Game Changing wings, or the nations coldest 26-degree beer! Or if you are looking for the elite VIP experience , let our KOSA ring girls , guide you through an exclusive five-star ring side dining experience , fit for royalty. Whatever Experience you are looking for , KOSA will provide you , and your family and friends, with the experience of a lifetime.


Whether enjoying a live sporting event, or live concerts that support our local artist and musicians, let KOSA be your daily North Texas entertainment destination! Even between live events , KOSA has broadcast sporting events, gaming, and a unique dining experience open daily! Celebrate birthdays or events with us in unequaled style, guided by our world-famous ring girls, and your own personal event concierge. Come enjoy, and support local and upcoming fighters , as you watch them practice live from the comfort of a ringside seat. Or just relax and have a beer with friends.